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Funding Eligibility:

Home Education Students:

The province of Alberta provides home education funding to each home education student registered before September 29.  These funds are received and distributed to the family by the school board the student is registered with.  The funding amount is $1700 per student (according to the 2022-2023 school year) in which half must go to the home school student ($850) by way of receipts and evidence that the expense will support the child's education.  The remaining half is retained by the school board to cover costs of facilitators, computers/printers/copiers, other costs associated with a facility.


Students can access these funds to help cover program costs, instructional materials and other resources related to the home education program.  Click on Reimbursement Details for more information for home education.

*Students registered into home education programs after September 29 will not receive provincial funding.

Shared Responsibility / Outreach Students:

As of 2017, the province of Alberta has waived all tuition fees for students; however, there will still be minimal school fees required at the time of registration:

     * K-6: Art supplies $10;

     * Grade 7-12: CTS (Home Ec, Industrial Arts) $50, Art supplies $15 and Students Union Fee $10;


A division approved fee schedule for New Myrnam School can be accessed here for a full description of other fees such as activities, extra-curricular and non-curricular goods and services.

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