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Evaluations & Assessments:


A Facilitator, who is also a certified teacher, will be assigned to your child upon approval of your child's Notification Form and Educational Program Plan. 


The job of the Facilitator is:

to discuss educational goals, resource selection and evaluating procedures with the student and their parents.

- to conduct two evaluations per school year as per Home Education Regulation.  These evaluations usually occur in November and March to make certain that your child is positively advancing in their learning. 

- to be available for additional sessions to strengthen academic skills and student confidence as well as assist parents with their teaching practices and assessment methods.

In preparation for evaluation visits, students and parents are expected to provide a portfolio containing samples of student work and progress as well as any assessments that have taken place.  Access to the student for a direct evaluation is also a necessityEvaluation visits usually have a one hour minimum duration.


As these two programs are teacher-directed where the program planning, resource selection and assessment are taken care of by a teacher.  Parents are encouraged to remain involved in their child's education.  Evaluations are part of supervised testing and assessments for proficiency upon completion of lessons and units of study.  Student grades are recorded and sent to Alberta Education for transcript purposes.  Students will receive report cards and comments detailing their progress.  Parent-Teacher-Student interviews are scheduled twice through the school year with additional meetings upon request. 

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