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What Are Our

     First Steps?


As a parent you have some decisions to make regarding the education of your child and those decisions may be difficult to make.  They depend largely on the role that you, as a parent, wish to play.  The staff at MOHC are ready to help you.


Eligibility is dependent upon the program that you and your family choose as their educational program


In a parent-directed program, parents can research from the multitude of instructional, human, community and digital resources that they feel will work best for their child's education. 


If the shared responsibility or outreach program (teacher-directed) is chosen, a more structured list of resources approved by Alberta Education is available.  These resources are also available for parents to choose to use for their program as well.


After you have done the research and asked the questions, you are ready to proceed. Contact us for a registration package.


Developing a program may seem like a huge undertaking, but using a structured approach will ensure that your child is learning along side or ahead of students in a brick-and-mortar school setting.


Evaluations are an important part of an educational program and success in student learning.  Depending upon the program that is chosen, evaluations and assessments can look different.   

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