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Benefits of a Home Education Program:


  • Family values and culture are preserved and encouraged through family in-home teachings

  • Parent-directed education and nurtured learning can take place within the home

  • Gives families the freedom to design a program that best meets the needs of their child

  • Parents choose the educational plan and monitor and evaluate their child’s progress

  • In designing program plans, parents can access and select from our school’s vast library of online and print resources as well as have the freedom to use preferred curricula

  • Learning opportunities vary from day to day

  • Limitless learning spaces as learning can happen any place and at any time

  • Students learn time management skills while learning at their own pace

  • Field trips and teaching opportunities are decided upon by the approved Educational Program Plan

  • Access to program reimbursements as listed in the approved Educational Program Plan.

A Program Blended with NMS can:

  • offer program enhancements to give families local access to workshops and extra curricular activities (sports, fine arts, construction/welding, etc.)

  • give students accessibility to certificated teachers for program assistance

  • allow access to a wide variety of resources at little to no cost to the family

  • assist parents with course content as students progress with higher level learning

  • offer a learning area that is suitable for the student complete with computer/ printer/copier access

  • give families the opportunity to teach program portions that they are comfortable with while allowing NMS staff to continue with the remainder

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