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Is the MOHC Outreach program right for you?

Our Outreach Program Could be Ideal

For Students...


  • in Junior and Senior High

  • wishing to take their full high school program within an Outreach program setting

  • needing a few courses to fulfill their graduation requirements

  • in which a school program does not fit with their work schedules

  • who have difficulty with regular school programming

  • requiring upgrading or course completions

  • extensively engaged in sports, the fine arts, etc. and unable to regularly attend classes

  • who find regular school programs aren't meeting their religious and cultural needs

  • with individualized struggles such as mental and physical (coping with anxiety, depression, etc.)

  • who find large classrooms difficult for learning

  • who are, or are soon-to-become, parenting teens

  • needing educational supports such as counselling (personal/career), conflict resolution, anger management, study skills, parenting skills, learning strategies for success

  • recovering or involved in specialized programming for addictions and abuse



  • Ability to follow a customized program

  • Students can work at their own pace within an expectation guideline set by facilitators

  • Attendance expectations will be determined on a per student basis (factor dependent) 

  • Reduced work load possibilities for students that are employed (students may work on one course at a time if required by employment schedules)

  • Discipline issues are significantly reduced

  • Student/Teacher ratios are low resulting in constructive and meaningful interactions with focus on student needs

  • An increase in personal attention to students mean an increase in academic success as students gain confidence and a feeling of belonging

  • Students have access to specialized training and education supports

  • Students can complete coursework in timely manners

  • Outreach Programs provide second chances for students to succeed

  • Negative and stressful school experiences will become positive as teachers have the opportunity to work, discuss and support the students on a one-to-one basis

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