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Special projects going on at MOHC

On January 21st three homeschool students who are registered in the Myrnam Outreach and Homeschool Centre attended our school for a day to take part in some innovative CTF programming. Students received a lesson about renewable energy, as well as a lesson on 3D design and printing. Students were able to learn some skills using V-Carve Pro software to program a CNC router to create a crib board. They also got an introduction to Tinkercad software, which is what our students use to design creations that are made on our 3D printer. One of the benefits of homeschooling through the Myrnam Outreach and Homeschool Centre is that students have access to CTF and CTS programming such as 3D printing and design, which likely would not otherwise be available to families who choose to homeschool. Also some of our high school students have been working on the energy project with other students from New Myrnam School.

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