Why Choose Our...

     Blended Program

Welcome to a partnership between MOHC and NMS!

A "Blended" Program is defined as the ability to follow the traditional, parent-led homeschool path while integrating with the Alberta Program of Studies set forth by Alberta Education.  

This partnership offers great flexibility and many opportunities for all MOHC students.  Among a variety of academic studies, students will have access to the same options as an NMS student including:

  • Athletics teams

  • Extracurricular clubs (drama, art, etc)

  • Project-based learning and field trips

  • CTS courses including welding, construction, woodworking, and design

  • And much more!

Upon meeting with our facilitators, a personalized learning plan that is unique to the student will be developed.

Blended programs offer an assortment of opportunities like Drama Club, Renewable Energy Projects, Athletics, Food Studies, Welding, Construction, specialized programming such as the German Culture & Language program along with field trips galore and so much more!

Promoting Choice in Education