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        Home Education Program

The Home Education program is defined as having the ability to educate your child within the home by either a parent-directed style of teaching or with the use of a tutor.  Students learn at their own pace as they follow an educational program plan designed by their parents and approved by our certified facilitator. Learning is focused around student interests as well as dynamic family values, beliefs, lifestyles and faith, resulting in productive and inspired individuals within our global community.


Home Education Program

  • Parents select curriculum topics and subject areas (what students will learn)

  • Parents locate and select resources and determine instructional methods (how they will learn material and what they will use to teach it)

  • Parents select assessment methods (How will they show what they know)

  • Parents meet with facilitator early in year to discuss education program plan

  • Facilitator meets two more times throughout year to discuss assessment/evaluation of child with parents and observe student progress towards curricula outcomes

  • Assistance with locating many teaching/learning resources and assessment materials



  • Family values and culture are preserved and encouraged through family in-home teachings

  • Parent-directed education and nurtured learning can take place within the home

  • Gives families the freedom to design a program that best meets the needs of their child and their life style

  • Parents choose the educational plan and monitor and evaluate their child’s progress

  • In designing program plans, parents can access and select from our school’s vast library of online and print resources as well as have the freedom to use preferred curricula

  • Learning opportunities vary from day to day

  • Limitless learning spaces as learning can happen any place and at any time

  • Students learn time management skills while learning at their own pace

  • Option to enhance programming by attending some options classes, sports teams and/or workshops

  • Use of NMS school facilities (library, computers, etc.) and CTEC facility, if desired

  • Field trips and teaching opportunities are decided upon by the approved Educational Program Plan

  • Access to program reimbursements as listed in the approved Educational Program Plan.