home education program (parent-led)

The Home Education program is defined as having the ability to educate your child within the home with a parent-directed program.  Students follow an educational program plan designed by their parents and approved by our experienced facilitators. Learning is focused around student interests as well as dynamic family values, beliefs, lifestyles and faith, resulting in productive and inspired individuals within our global community. Support is available to parents and students through our facilitators who are also parents and teachers!



  • Topics and curriculum is selected by parents. Parents may choose to follow the Alberta Program of Studies or to select from the 22 outcomes outlined in the Home Education Regulation (page 38 of the linked document).

  • Parents locate and select resources and determine instructional methods (how they will learn material and what they will use to teach it)

  • Parents select assessment methods (how will they show what they know)

  • Parents meet with facilitator early in year to discuss their Education Program Plan (EPP) ​

  • Facilitator meets with your family at least two times throughout year to discuss assessment/evaluation of child and evaluate student progress towards curricular outcomes

  • Facilitator can provide assistance with locating many teaching/learning resources and assessment materials