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Shared Responsibility Program

This program is the best of both worlds and combines some teacher-directed courses with some parent directed courses. The school shares the responsibility for administering the educational program with the parent(s). 

This program is highly customizable and a program plan is best created in collaboration with the school. Reimbursement eligibility depends on the percentage of the program each provider is responsible for.

Why choose a Shared Responsibility Program?


  • Completely personalized programs

  • Allows parents to take over instruction for some subjects 

  • Allows students to take one or more courses through the school either by distance education or in-person instruction

  • Allows for more flexible scheduling and programming subject to student need and interests

  • Join specialized options classes or academic courses within New Myrnam School

  • High school students earn Alberta high school credits necessary for post-secondary programs.  This is done by following the Alberta Program of Studies for Teacher Directed courses and Course Challenges for Parent Directed courses.

  • Access resources from New Myrnam School (classroom libraries, the school & public library, textbook and other course materials, computers and printers, and much more)

  • Access to a career counselor to help with post-secondary and/or career planning

  • Students can work at their own pace but still have accountability

  • Attend field trips and school events (ski trip, holiday celebrations, talent show, swimming lessons, etc.)

  • Innovative Project-Based Learning Options designed around student interest

  • Access specialized technology and equipment for school projects (CNC router, woodworking tools, 3D printers, Cricut, and so much more)

  • Participate in work experience, special projects, RAP program, and Green Certificate

  • Be on the New Myrnam School sports teams and compete in individual sports (cross country running, volleyball, basketball, curling, badminton, track and field)

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