Ready to Register:

  • MOHC encourages parents to come in and meet with our Facilitators and discuss options and possibilities for their child's educational success.  

  • MOHC welcomes all registrations throughout the year; however, registration for the current school year must be done prior to September 30th to be eligible for provincial funding. 

  • Our school division, St. Paul Education Regional Division #1, requests that each student is registered using our division approved registration form that is complete with all pertinent forms for consent to participate in activities, emergency information, technology use, and FOIPP consents.

* Note:  Parents will be asked to fill out the Home Education Notification Form (click on the button for quick access) which not only gathers information for home education within the province, but it also signals the eligibility for funding for the student.  

Distance Learning or Parent Directed Home Education Programs:

For Outreach Programs: