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Offering Distance Learning, Home Education & Alternative Programming enhanced by hands-on learning in trades, arts and innovation.

Our Vision

For all children to maximize their potential as ethical citizens and leaders of tomorrow by developing their unique gifts.

Our Belief

Family philosophy and lifestyle, culture and religion, physical and mental challenges and employment and family commitment should NEVER stand in the way of a child's education, but rather enhance it.

Our Mission

Myrnam Outreach and Homeschool Centre provides the best possible education program to every child by working in collaboration with parents and families to help all students develop their unique gifts to the fullest.

Fundamental Beliefs & Principles

  • Parents are a child’s first and most important teachers.
  • Every child is unique and has their own special gifts to offer. A school’s role is to help every child develop these gifts to the best of their ability.
  • Our school’s role is to work with parents and families, providing guidance and support when necessary, to best meet a child’s individual educational needs.
  • Parent and student voice and choice is critical when planning and delivering an educational program.
  • Children do not learn subjects in isolation; rather, students learn knowledge and skills best when learning their skills in an authentic context.
  • Children learn best by doing. For example, when learning a concept in science, students should act as scientists, conducting experiments and building knowledge and skills by following the scientific method.

Our School

MOHC is located in an ideal location for diverse learning opportunities. The Village of Myrnam's CTEC facility, which is located just a few steps west of the New Myrnam School, will be the site of our Home School and Outreach programs. Learning areas will be available for students where they:

  • can arrange to meet with program coordinators,
  • will receive program assistance from the NMS certified teachers, 
  • have access to computers, printers and a copier for assignment completion
  • can readily access the Public Library within NMS for further information
  • will be able to register into complementary programming (workshops, project days, etc.)
  • will have multiple opportunities to join with students of NMS for extra curricular programs and events such as sports teams, drama club, art club, etc. 
  • have access to programs within the CTS realm such as Horticulture, Industrial Arts (woodworking, welding, construction, CNC wood router machine), 3D printing, Robotics, and more.