Parent-Directed Program: High School

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Many parents who have homeschooled their children assume they must return to in-person education for their high school age learners. This is not so.  In Alberta, learners can receive home education funding until they are 20 years of age on September 1. If a student wishes to receive a high school diploma, they must achieve a minimum of 100 high school credits and complete outcomes for those courses. Many people believe that in order to attend post-secondary a student must have a high school diploma. This also is not necessarily true. Post-secondary institutions generally require specific course completion. Parents and students should discuss the best route to meeting post-secondary requirements with our MOHC high school counsellor as programs vary in requirements. 

Home education for high school students is very flexible and can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

Alberta Ed Graduation Requirements

1. Traditional Parent-Directed Home Education

This first route is the one most home school families are familiar with. The learner simply meets the 22 outcomes of the Alberta parent-directed home education program. An Alberta high school diploma is not awarded and the student does not meet the requirements for post-secondary enrollment.

2. Completion of Grade 12 Courses

The second route is to continue a traditional home school program for grade 10 and 11 and then complete the Alberta curriculum for grade 12 courses. Grade 12 core courses will be complete upon successful written completion of an Alberta diploma examination. With MOHC these courses can be completed by two methods: (1) Moodle or Classroom both online or in-person. Alberta curriculum is provided and progress is monitored by an Alberta certified teacher. Students will have access to the teacher for the duration of the course. Choosing the online option still provides the home learner with scheduling flexibility. Credits for the prerequisite grade 10 and 11 courses are awarded retroactively. (2) Parent-directed grade 12 course following Alberta curriculum. Parents submit course marks to MOHC and MOHC registers students for diploma (when required). This route does not meet requirements for an Alberta diploma but can meet post-secondary entrance requirements. Again, parents and students should check with the MOHC school career counsellor to verify that they are meeting the requirements for their program of choice.

3. Challenge Grade 12 Diplomas

At the age of 19 (as of September 1), learners are considered “mature students” and can challenge diploma exams. The diploma mark will be the course mark.  Credits will be awarded retroactively upon successful completion. This route does not meet requirements for an Alberta diploma but can meet post-secondary entrance requirements. Your MOHC career counsellor can verify that this method will meet the program requirements of your choice.

Diploma as a Mature Student

4. Course Challenge

Courses can be challenged! Learners can use their own resources to meet Alberta curriculum outcomes. When complete the parent submits the course mark breakdown to MOHC, and MOHC will administer a final assessment. The combination of parent course mark and MOHC’s final assessment becomes the final course grade which is submitted to Alberta Education. Students in Grade 12 are required to write diploma exams above and beyond MOHC final assessments. This method can earn a high school diploma and can meet post-secondary entrance requirements.

5. Online - Shared Responsibility

MOHC has many high school courses online on both Moodle and Google Classroom; and, we are still building more! This option will provide Alberta curriculum resources and access to an Alberta certified teacher. Through this route a learner can achieve an Alberta high school diploma as well as meet post-secondary requirements.

alberta high school diploma document

These five routes allow parents and learners to create a personalized, self-directed plan for completion of high school and meet requirements for post-secondary education!

Throughout this process your facilitator will communicate with you regularly to ensure your learner is on-track to completing high school your way - whether that is through a traditional route or working to earn an Alberta high school diploma.  You will also have regular access to a career counsellor to plan your post-secondary education and meet the entrance requirements of your chosen path.