What Are Some Resource Options?

For All Educational Programming

A wide variety of resources are made available to students (and parents for instruction purposes) from the classroom libraries of the New Myrnam School as well as the Myrnam Public Library (located within the school).

These resources include:

  • literary materials for increasing reading and comprehension skills as well as for reading pleasure,
  • textbooks & workbooks, audio recordings & video supports for enhancing educational programming and
  • computer/printer availability to assist students in assignment completions

(Should a resource be acquired, the New Myrnam School & Public Library/Northern Lights Library System can arrange for the request of select materials.)

Home Education

For Parent-Directed Homeschool Educational Programming

As this type of program is parent-directed, complete course materials are available from numerous companies, organizations and interests. Funding for these types of resources is available for families that have been approved for the Homeschooling program.  

(See Schedule for Reimbursement)

Resources: Home Education

Program of Study

  • Facilitator Directed: Individualized Programming
  • Alberta Government: LearnAlberta
  • 2 Learn Resources:

Options & Opportunities

  • CTF (Jr High)
  • CTS (Sr High)
  • RAP Program (Registered Apprenticeship Program)
  • Green Certificate (through Lakeland College)
  • Dual Credit Program (through Lakeland College & NAIT)

Locally Developed Courses

Division Approved - Available in Print /Online

  • Forensic Science 25 & 35
  • Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology)
  • World Geography
  • Learning Strategies
  • Work Experience 15, 25, 35
  • Religious Studies: Christian & Catholic programming

Workshop Options

These can be taken for awarded credits or program assessment

  • construction 
  • gardening
  • quilting
  • mechanics
  • cooking
  • art
  • and so much more!

Assessment Tools

  • PAT Exams
  • CBTS Exams
  • CAT3 Exams
  • Diploma Exams
  • Course Quizzes & Exams
  • STAR Reading & Comprehension Tests
  • AR Reading (Accelerated Reading) Program

Extension Resources

  • New Myrnam School - classroom libraries
  • New Myrnam School & Public Library - assorted reading for all levels, Christian publications, video rentals, historical collection
  • Northern Lights Library System - access to an infinite number of books at the click of a button
  • Netflix - access to subject specific teaching and learning programming (Social Studies, Home Economics, English Language Arts, Fine Arts, History, Engineering>>>
  • YouTube - for all of your how-to needs
  • Discovery Channel -
  • National Geographic - 
  • Science Channel - 

Supporting Sites

  • Math 10-C Explained - lessons, practice, video links
  • Math 30-1 Explained - lessons, practice, video links
  • Khan Academy - All levels of Math, Science & Engineering, Computing, Arts & Humanities, Economics & Finance, Test Prep and College, Careers & more
  • MathEduCurriculum - grades 10-12