Educational Program Plan

Creating an Educational Program Plan

Home Education Program:

As a parent, you have two different sets of learning outcomes to choose from:

  • outcomes prescribed in the Alberta Program of Study, or
  • the outcomes listed in the Home Education Regulation:  School Act

You also have the option of using both; or using one set for some subjects and the other set for other subjects. 

Alberta Program of Study:

  • this is the curriculum that is taught in Alberta schools
  • consists of an extensive listing
  • optional to follow for parent-directed programs
  • easiest to follow when using the resources designed to achieve the outcomes

Alberta's Home Education Regulations:  

The plan must include:

  • a list of activities that will accomplish the outcomes along with an explanation of how they will meet those outcomes
  • a list of instructional methods and resources to be used, and
  • an explanation of how the student's progress will be evaluated

During the program year, MOHC facilitators must meet with the student and their family to assess learning and offer strategies for improved learning.

NOTE: Learning Outcomes for students not following the Alberta Program of Study - 1)  a basic education must provide students with a solid understanding in the core courses of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies;  2)  students are expected to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that will prepare them for life after high school

**The Educational Program Plan MUST accompany the Notification Form for approval in order to complete the registration process. 

Shared Responsibility & Outreach Program:

MOHC facilitators will meet with each student and their family to discuss study schedules, educational goals and any student supports that may be required.  Course choices and outlines will be determined and monitored throughout the academic year.